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Juni 6, 2017
LB-L Series In-Situ oxygen Laser Gas Analyzer
Juni 6, 2017

NOx Gas Converter

NOx Gas ConverterNOx gas converter is used for the application that using NO gas analyzer to measure NO2 or NOx. It can convert NO2 to NO in the air or from the stack.


Specification :

GasMeasurements CO2, NO, NO2
Range CO2: (0.00-20.00) %; NO: (0~5000) ppm; NO2: (0~1000) ppm
Accuracy CO2: (0.00~16.00) %:Abs. error:±0.3%;Rel. error:±3%; (16.01~20.00) %: Rel. error:±5%
NO: (0~4000) ppm:Abs. error:±25 ppm;Rel. error:±4%; (4001~5000) ppm:Rel. error:±8%
NO2: (0~1000) ppm:Abs. error:±25 ppm;Rel. error:±4%;
*Remark: Abs. error or Rel. error whichever is greater
Resolution NO/NO2:1ppm; CO2:0.01%
Response time HC/CO/CO2: T90≤8s; NO/NO2: T90≤10s; O2: T90≤12s
Warm up time 30min
Communication RS-485/232
Power supply 100~240VAC, 150w


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