Portable Gas 3120 Syngas Analyzer
Portable Natural Gas Syngas Analyzer Gasboard 3110P
Juni 6, 2017
IR-GAS-9001 Syngas continuously monitoring system
IR-GAS-9001 Syngas continuously monitoring system
Juni 6, 2017

Online rack type IR-GAS-3100 Syngas Analyzer

IR-GAS-3100 Syngas Analyzer

( O2% + CO% + CO2% + CH4% + CnHm% + H2% + Gas calorific value calculation )

Syngas (from synthesis gas) adalah nama yang diberikan pada campuran gas yang mengandung sejumlah karbon monoksida (CO) dan hidrogen (H2) yang bervariasi. Metode produksi Syngas meliputi steam reforming gas alam atau hidrokarbon cair untuk menghasilkan hidrogen, gasifikasi proses gasifikasi batubara, biomassa atau Plasma (menghasilkan syngas kaya termasuk H2 dan CO)

Applications :

  • Coal chemical process
  • Steel making process  as
  • Blast furnace
  • Converter
  • Coking
  • Direct iron ore smelting reduction processes
  • Coal or Biomass gasification
  • Others

General Features :

  • Proprietary infrared dual beam NDIR detectors for CH4, CnHm, CO and CO2
  • Proprietary thermal conductivity detector for H2
  • Industrial galvanic fuel cell for O2 (0-25%)
  • Calculation and display of the BTU index (gas calorific value, only with SYNGAS analysers)
  • LCD display with backlit function
  • Keyboard interface for configuration and calibration
  • 1x 4-20mA analogue output per measuring channel
  • 2 alarm relays per measuring channel, with 2 freely configurable gas alarm levels
  • RS232 serial COM port (for real time data download to external PC or laptop as text file, software included)
  • Programmable auto-zero function, including internal pump, relay and solenoid valve
  • Stainless steel connectors for gas inlet/outlet and zero air inlet ports

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