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Juni 6, 2017
IR-GAS-3100 Syngas Analyzer
Online rack type IR-GAS-3100 Syngas Analyzer
Juni 6, 2017

Portable Natural Gas Syngas Analyzer Gasboard 3110P

Portable Gas 3120 Syngas Analyzer

Portable Natural Gas Syngas Analyzer - RY Type Gasboard 3110P

Produk: Portable Natural Gas Syngas Analyzer

Merek: RY (Cubic-Ruiyi Instrument)

Tipe: Gasboard 3110P

Negara: Cina

Syngas (from synthesis gas) adalah nama yang diberikan untuk campuran gas yang mengandung berbagai jumlah karbon monoksida (CO) dan hidrogen (H2).

Metode produksi syngas termasuk reformasi uap gas alam atau hidrokarbon cair untuk menghasilkan hidrogen, proses gasifikasi batubara, biomassa atau gasifikasi Plasma (menghasilkan syngas kaya termasuk H2 dan CO).

Gasboard-3110P adalah penganalisa tipe portabel yang dapat digunakan untuk pengukuran online untuk komposisi gas alam dan nilai pemanasan secara real time. Sensor CH4 yang dikembangkan khusus dapat memberikan pembacaan CH4 yang akurat tanpa sensitivitas silang terhadap konten hidrokarbon lainnya. Sensor CnHm unik yang dikalibrasi dengan C3H8 dapat mendeteksi hidrokarbon selain CH4 dan menunjukkan nilai bobot total C2 + hidrokarbon dalam gas alam.

Konfigurasi standar: CH4 + CnHm + CO2 + Nilai Kalor + Indeks Wobbe (opsional).


Portable Gas3110 Syngas Analyzer spesification:

Measurement CH4 , CnHm + BTU index (gas calorific value)
Calculation High Heating Value or Low Heating Value in MJ/m3 or kcal/m3
Technology CH4 , CnHm : proprietary dual beam NDIR detectors
Ranges CH4 : 0 – 100%, CnHm : 0 – 10%
Other ranges customizable on request
Resolution 0,01%
Accuracy ≤ ± 1% FS
Repeatability ≤  1%
Zero Auto-zeroing function via keyboard interface
Gas conditions at analyzer inlet Flow: 0.7 ~ 1.2 L/min, internal  gas sampling  pump, external flow meter with needle valve
Pressure: 20 ~ 100 mbar
Quality: No dust, moisture, tar (external safety filter and optional gas washing unit)
Operating conditions Tamb : 0 – 50°C / Pamb : 86 – 108 kPa / RH : 0 – 95% non condensing
Response time (T90) ≤  15 sec
Warm-up time 800 seconds (auto-zeroing cycle during the last 120 seconds)
Communication interface RS232 ( real time and memory data download  software included)
Power supply External 220 VAC – 50Hz
Internal with battery and charger; Autonomy of  > 4h with pump in operation
Data logging Up to 1500 sets of data; Logging rate adjustable from 3 to 99 sec
Possibility to identify 10 different sites and up to 100 measuring points
Display LCD 320 x 240 display with back-lit function
Casing New design moudled casing and shoulder trap (delivered with protective carrying bag)
Casing Robust casing in aluminium with cover and shoulder trap
Dimensions and weight Gas analyzer : 380 × 140 × 255 mm / ± 5 kg (7 kg max with packaging)
Portable gas washing unit : 400 x  120 x 380 mm /  ± 3 kg (5 kg max with packaging)


syngas analyzer complete

  • The Portable Syngas Analyzer is able to monitor heat treat furnace atmospheres, blast furnace top gas, and some process gasses. They are right for coke ovens, steel manufacturing facilities, synthetic gas production, incinerators and coal plants, coal plants, gasification, and much more


RS232 cable with PC and analyzer

  • Connect RS232 cable with PC and analyzer, install real time datalogging software, you can read real time data and storage data on the PC


Data logging software

  • Data logging software


syngas analyzer data

  • Syngas analyzer data


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