Air Sampler Impinger Portable Lengkap
Portable Ambient Gas/Air Impinger Sampler – Type HU-POT
Juni 8, 2017
Thermal & Particulate Matter Sensor (TPM-02)
Thermal & Particulate Matter Sensor (TPM-02)
Juni 8, 2017

Detektor Leak Air (WLD-02)

Detektor Leak Air (WLD-02)

Sensor untuk mendeteksi banjir dan kebocoran air di dalam pusat data, ruang server, bangunan komersial, lemari luar ruangan dan fasilitas penting lainnya.

  • 6m/20ft reusable water sensitive cable.
  • Expandable up to 30m/100ft per sensor.
  • Triggers an alert as soon as water touches anywhere the cable.
  • Plugs into the base unit.
  • Powered by thebase unit.
  • Alerts via SNMP Traps, email, SMS or voice calls.
  • IP65 housing: just put it anywhere under your raised floor and let it monitor for you.

Integration with BMS systems using Modbus TCP.

Integration with NMS through SNMP GET & SNMP TRAPS.


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