Isokinetic Sampler Train Method 23 (IST-M23)
Oktober 23, 2017
Total Suspended Solids Analyzer Cakrawala Bima Instrument
Free Chlorine Analyzer
Mei 23, 2018

Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Analyzer Sensor

Total Suspended Solids Analyzer Cakrawala Bima Instrument

Total Suspended Solids Analyzer Cakrawala Bima Instrument

Total Suspended Solids Analyzer terhubung langsung melalui antarmuka komunikasi RS485, menyediakan data proses yang sederhana, andal, dan hemat biaya dengan kemampuan pemantauan, kalibrasi, konfigurasi, dan diagnostik jarak jauh. Cocok digunakan untuk industri air, IPAL (instalasi pengolahan air limbah), dan OnliMo (online monitoring).

  • Robust IP 68 Water Submersible Enclosure , Solution Without Cabinet
  • Online Realtime Measurement 1 second
  • 0.2 W Ultra Low Power Consumption, Ideal for Outdoor Applications
  • High Reliabilityb , Drift Free
  • Surge Protection for Power , Lightening
  • 1.2 Km RS485 Digital Communication , Minimize Cabling , Engineering Cost
  • Calibration Configuration Software , Data Monitoring
  • Standard Modbus RTU Protocol , Eliminate I/O Module Cost , Direct Connected with PLC , HMI
  • Wiper Cleaning Auto , Almost No Maintenance
  • Sapphire Glass Lenses to Prevent Scratch
  • Pressurized Flow Chamber , Prevent Noise Caused by Bubble
  • Onboard memory allowing users to easily calibrate , Distribute to various fields sites , Configure sensor at lab

Measurement range 0~15,000 mg/L (depending on sample), auto range
Accuracy ±3% measured value ±1 mg/L (0~1,500 mg/L), ±5% measured value (1,500~15,000 mg/L)
Resolution 0.001 mg/L
Repeatability ±1% measured value
Light source LED 880 nm
Process flow rate Max. 3 m/s
Operation Pressure Max.10 Kgf/cm²
Operating Temperature 0~60 °C
Response Time 3 secs
Output Signal Output Signal: RS485 (Modbus RTU protocol), 19,200 bps, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit; 4~20 mA
Data Resolution 16 bits (0.001% FS)
Surge Protection 1,500 VDC
Power input: 5~12 VDC, 300 mA
Safety CE, FCC
Protection IP68
Connection 3/4”-14 PT; M16 plug fixed cable, M12 connector, 5 pin
Housing Material Titanium
Membrance Material Titanium
Dimension Φ 39Χ265 mm
Weight analyzer: approx. 400 g (Titanium) ; Cable: 80 g/m


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